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Administrative Officers Management Program

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Administrative Officers Management Program

Entrance Exam: Not Required

The Administrative Officers Management Program (AOMP) is a unique educational program for law enforcement professionals, police officers and public safety personnel. Three times a year (Spring, Summer and Fall), a class of 30 participants lives in residence at the NC State Highway Patrol Training Academy, located in Raleigh, NC, for an intensive 12-week academic program during which they earn 15 college credits (9 undergraduate and 6 graduate) and a certificate of completion. Participants, who come from across the U.S. and international locations, are nominated by their department or agency.


Departments and agencies are invited to nominate candidates for admission. Candidates are evaluated on the basis of prior academic work, demonstrated ability to work at the academic level required by the program, and the candidate's assignment within his or her organization indicating management responsibilities or expectations.

Applications must include:

  • Recommendation/endorsement by the candidate's agency or department
  • Written statement by the candidate
  • College/university transcripts of the candidate

Application deadlines: Three groups per year (Summer, Fall and Spring) are admitted, with deadlines of mid-April (Summer), end of July (Fall), and end of December (Spring).


This 15-credit program includes five courses, all charged at the undergraduate rate. At 2019-20 tuition rates, the cost of these courses is $237 per credit for North Carolina residents and $916 per credit for non-residents. Thus, the total estimated cost for the program is $3,555 for North Carolina residents and $13,740 for non-residents. See Online and Distance Education Tuition and Fees for cost details.

Plan of Study

All AOMP participants must take the full load of 15 credits during the 12-week program; there is no provision for part-time participation. Participants will receive credit for their coursework on a North Carolina State University transcript, which will also state that they have earned a certificate of completion.

Career Prospects

AOMP is a partnership that brings together the theoretical perspective of the faculty and the practical experience of police officers in an effort to produce the effective and efficient public management techniques that are demanded in these increasingly complex times. In this partnership, the most up-to-date research in management and leadership is always placed in the context faced by law enforcement administrators. This “theory into practice” perspective gives participants the opportunity to make meaningful change in their organizations.