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Creating a Plan of Work

The Plan of Work (POW) is a planning aid for you and your advisor. It must be approved by the Graduate School before you can complete your program. Ideally, the POW will be approved when you are halfway (credit-wise) through your program. At the latest, it should be approved at least 2 semesters before you intend to graduate. Waiting past that point could mean staying additional semesters.

To initiate your POW in MyPack/Student Self Service:

  1. Enter all classes from your transcript.
  2. Add all classes that you intend to take, and the semester you will take them. The POW must meet all the degree requirements.
  3. Add your advisor’s name on the Committee Tab as chair. There is no minor and you have no other committee members.
  4. Submit for approval. This button sends an email to your advisor, the Director of Graduate Programs, and the Graduate School for approval.